Which Group Fitness Class Should You Do?

Group fitness classes are a great way to add something new to your workouts and are offered at almost all gyms!

The camaraderie of a group sweat session generates energy with the other participants and the instructor will help motivate you and assure proper form and tempo your session.

The fitness industry is constantly introducing new group fitness classes providing great cross training options to choose from! Some of the most popular and effective group fitness classes can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour!

Boot Camp

Circuit classes are aggressive/ progressive , circuit workouts that features high intensity cardio conditioning with functional strength building moves. Boot camps have really evolved and will challenge you aerobically and muscularly.

Burning between 600-1000 calories in an hour!

Cardio Boxing/Kick Boxing

Boxing are still going strong with traditional boxing, kickboxing moves at a continuous pace these classes challenges basic fitness, core strength and balance.

Kicking out about 800 calories per round!


While some yoga classes will focus on relation, there are several discipines that both train and challenge muscle endurance, stability and flexibility in a more relaxing environment providing a body and the mind workout.

Burning between 450-700 calories.

Mat based Pilates

Pilates focuses to stretch and strengthen the deep trunk muscles making it a great routine to learn and practice while traveling!


Spin classes are commonly a 45 minute class that utilizes various training techniques and motivational strategies to simulate an actual bike trek experience.

Spinning off 400-600 calories.

If you are currently lifting on a regular daily basis and would like to add a full body workout to your routine, I recommend adding or replacing one weight bearing workout weekly with a class to shock your muscles, challenge your breathing and have some fun!

Group exercise is not for everybody, but you’ll never know until you try so, get up get out and Get Fitlicious!

If I’ve missed mentioning your faveorite type group fitness training, please be sure to post in comments below what you love and why?

Cheers, MB