Healthy Mindset = Healthy Weight

No matter how “perfect” your workouts and nutrition habits are, it’s your mindset that is the make it or break it factor when it comes to weight loss success. If your mental patterns aren’t healthy, your body won’t be either.

If you can keep your mindset healthy your body will follow. Here are three mindset shifts that can help you accelerate to your weight management success!

1. Restructure restrictions:

I often see people over-restricting their food intake with the mindset that eating less will equal more weight loss. This approach will only take you so far before it will fail you. When your body is starving for nourishment it will hang onto the body fat to survive a famine, resulting in a weight loss plateau. To get optimal fat loss and muscle gain results I encourage you to shift your mindset to see food as nourishment not just calories. This will help restructure your food choices to include more nutrient dense foods that will optimize our metabolism, fuel muscle recovery, and burn more body fat.

2. Forget the finish line:

Weight loss can happen quickly on extreme short-term challenges but that quick sprint to the finish line approach is not a realistic timeline for your metabolism to heal nor does it allow hormones to rebalance and achieve long term transformation. Forget the all or nothing finish line mindset and focus on a slow and steady year round timeline. Holistic bodybuilding, metabolic transformation and healthy habit installation requires a marathon –mindset. This mindset shift will prove that small steps do add up to big and lasting results.

3. Quit comparing:

Shifting your mindset from comparison to compassion and consistency to your own journey is how you will achieve the best version of you. . Comparing your body, your appetite, your training program, or your results to anyone else is a complete waist of time and energy. Comparison will always rob you of joy because the truth is, there will always be someone who is faster, stronger, more fit, less fat, etc. than you are on any given day. Your bodybuilding results are directly dependent on what you consistently think, eat and do with it. The healthiest comparison is you against you. Stay committed to your program and celebrate that you are better, stronger, wiser and healthier than you were yesterday.

The time for a positive shift is always now. All you need to do is start, trust the process and enjoy the journey. Cheers, MB