The Weather Is Hot, But Are You Warmed Up?

Even though it’s hot outside, it doesn’t mean your body is ready to workout without a warm up.

Warming up has many benefits. The main benefit to warming up is injury prevention because the blood will be pumping to an area, lowering the chance of a muscle pull or joint injury. Warming up isn't just a safety precaution though - it also has positive effects on a bodybuilder because after a warm-up, strength and focus should be peaked. Warming up has many physical and mental benefits.

 I find it very effective to warm-up each muscle using the first exercise that is to be done. For example, if you’re training legs and you are doing squats first, don't use the leg extension to warm up - get in that squat rack and do a few sets either with your body weight or with a light weight load.  This will increase flexibility, improve range of motion for the specific exercise and will also increase body awareness for that exercise.

A proper warm up will always do two things: get your blood moving, and stretch your muscles.

 How long do you need to warm-up? An effective warm up can be achieved in 5-10 minutes or 1-2 sets for each major muscle group or new movement within your workout.

 Some signs that you are properly warmed up include : increased body temperature, light sweating and increased heart rate, and most importantly feel loose and energized. The more you build your body, the more you will be able to tell when you are properly warmed-up.