Why Feeling Motivated Is Not Enough

A lot of people associate getting fit with "motivation", and if they're not "in the mood" to exercise or eat right, then they don’t bother. If that is your current approach, it’s time you change. If you want to see consistent progress with your fitness, take Nike's slogan to heart and just do it, regardless of how you feel.

Here are 3 ways to stimulate your enthusiasm to get started and keep you focused and committed to true transformation. 

Journal your progress: I like keeping a journal but label it my progress playbook. Once my pen hits the paper, all the reasons why I’m working out and eating well gets turned into positive emotion to fuel my passion to reach my goals!

Wisdom based quotes: Reading and recording a collection of inspiring quotes filled with wisdom or books based on the power of focus and profiles of legendary athletes pushing themselves from their deepest core to cross their finish line can help you stay focused on your personal gaol and makes doing 45 min of cardio not seem so extreme.

Book time with a coach: I firmly believe and preach the importance as a coach to have a coach. Yes, I’m a trainer and have a trainer. I keep myself in check by booking a session with my coach, or level up my knowledge and expertise by registering for workshops and conferences throughout the year. It always helps to have a positive push from someone who has your goals in their focus as well. You can get that same push for free by simply partnering up with an equally motivated workout buddy who is committed to excellence. 

Only you can set your limitations, to say you don’t have the time, really means, you choose not to. No matter how badly you might have failed in the past, its done, and today is a new day! Optimal results comes down to one simple concept. You don’t have to feel like it; you just have to do it.