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holistic nutrition programs

Combining exercise with healthy eating is the best approach to optimize the results of your efforts sooner — whether it’s weight loss or advancing your overall fitness level. The best diet for you is the one that's right for your body and goals.Start your 12 week Holistic Nutrition Transformation today! Prices begin at $349+HST. *Please check with your private insurance company to see if RHN services are covered. 


sport supplements / organic boutique

With certain sports or training goals, supplements may complement an already balanced, whole-foods sports nutrition diet but not all supplements are created equal and not all retailers make it their mandate to ensure their products are supporting optimal body functions. Your shopping experience at The Fitlicious Transformation Boutique is by appointment Monday-Saturday to ensure that what you’re buying is what your body needs.


Fitness Training

The Virtual Fitlicious Fitness Training option provides you access to your custom training program designed by Melissa wherever you go via, smartphone, iPad or a Printable PDF .  It’s designed to meet your fitness goals, plus gives access to hundreds of alternative workouts to keep things fresh! Your 8-10 week program includes your initial consultation, 12 week App Membership and full online support. Start Today! ($99.95+tax)


Blairs Bootcamp Class

Blairs Bootcamp Class : Join me at Canada largest Group fitness facility. The 60 minute classes provide a one of a kind blend of  functional fitness and HIIT. Using multiple muscle groups to strengthen in a holistic way, functional fitness helps prepare you for the physical activities of daily life while HIIT provides a great effective workout in a shorter time than steady-state cardio and works for all fitness levels. Both types of workouts are designed to push you harder than you would push yourself combining strength and aerobic conditioning to generate positive results for just $20 drop in $99/month for unlimited classes.